Static Control Solid Vinyl Sheet or Tile ESD Flooring

Federal Specifications
Meets or exceeds performance characteristics of LF-475a and SS-T-312B for flexibility, dimensional stability, resistance to reagents and residual indentation.

Surface Resistivity:
PTP (NFPA-99) ASTM D257 <5.5 x 107 ohms

Electrical Properties:
EOS-ESD 7.1 RTG <1 x 106 ohms

Flooring Radiant Panel:
ASTM E648; NBSIR 75-950; NFPA 253, Critical Radiant Flux: 0.73 W/cm2, Class I

Smoke Density:
Passes ASTM E-662 / NFPA 258; Average optical density in burning / smoldering mode: <450

Residual Indentation:
LF-475A: 0.002" average

Abrasive Wear, Taber H-18 wheel, 5,000 cycles, 1000 gm weight
1.1% loss of weight

Abrasive Wear, Taber H-18 wheel, 1000 gm weight to wear layer penetration (end point):

> 20,000 cycles, (2.0% loss of weight)

Static Coefficient of Friction:
ASTM D-2047-03, James Test average wet, dry leather: .60 approx.

Static load limit DIN 16961.2:
>700lbs/in2>700 psi

Charge Decay Time:
FTMS 4046-101c < .17 seconds
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